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Spring Game Jam 2013 #CMJam


After a fun weekend of designing and programming, everybody with a working project presented their game or mod to a panel of three judges. The panel consisted of Tom Stacey, Yogesh Taylor and Alex Colins.

The quality of the code was great, everything was commented and neatly layed out. Every game was playable in one form or another.Judging panel

And so, in order of position, here are the games!

Vertigo by Kieran Gould

A puzzle game centered around falling with a minimal art style, based on the Source Engine.
Download the game and the source here or click the screenshot for more.

An original style mixed with a fully playable level.Judging panel

Ninja Ninja Panic by Toby Sawyer

A fast 2D ninja fighting game.

Fast paced, addictive with a perfect difficulty.Judging panel

CMRoguelike by Sam Gibson

A randomly generated dungeon crawler in Java using libGDX.
View and download the source here.

Stylish, technically challenging take on a classic game concept.Judging panel

Trapped by Ben Orrin

A HTML5 2D platformer in 114 lines.

A lot done in very little code.Judging panel

Pokémon++ by Max Mattinson

A Pokémon ROM mod featuring custom sprites, scrips and story.

A clever hack of a well known game.Judging panel

Gmud by Will Hunt

A MUD client in HTML5 with a server.
View and download the source here.

Promising framework, more development would make this great.Judging panel

A big thank you to all who helped out or took part (even those who didn't present)!